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Happy Meal Memories

Few meals are as iconic as the McDonald's Happy Meal. According to the Chicago Tribune, McDonald's Happy Meal premiered over 40 years ago in 1979. I grew up in the 90s and I remember getting a Happy Meal was a big deal because it came with a toy.  As I got a little older, those toys were "collectible" and I remember begging my mom to get me another Happy Meal so I could finish my collection of tiny toys.  When Mcdonald's came out with the small TY Beanie Babies, I think we did nothing but McDonald's for a month so I could make sure I had every single one.   Don't get me started on the Halloween buckets, when McDonald's had those out for Halloween, it was game on.  I only wanted my cheeseburger IF it came inside a Halloween bucket.


Halloween Buckets Coming Back to McDonald's

There is quite a history of Halloween buckets and Happy Meals, they first debuted in 1986, and were all pumpkins.  Then in 1989 the Happy Meal Halloween pails returned with the iconic, witch, ghost, and pumpkin designs that we know and love.  According to the Halloween pails came and went for several years, until 2016.  Although in later years the Halloween pails weren't McDonald's original trio of beloved Halloween characters (the ghost, witch, and pumpkin) instead they were licensed, and brands like Mr. Potato Head, Monster High, and Scooby Doo.

Check out this vintage Halloween McDonald's commercial:

But in 2022, that all changes, because McDonald's most beloved Halloween pails are back!

Here is When You Can Get Your Happy Meal Pail

There have been rumors on the internet circulating for the past few weeks about the Halloween pail's return to McDonald's, and finally, we have confirmation! McDonald's took to Facebook to announce that the Halloween Happy Meal pails will be back in three classic styles, the witch, the pumpkin, and the ghost.  They will be at McDonald's locations starting October 18th.


I don't know about you, but I think I'll be treating myself to my first Happy Meal in years, and treating my son to his very first Happy Meal because I've got to get my hands on the witch bucket!

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