Call it irony, or say it was bound to happen, but the 'Heart Attack Grill' in Las Vegas has claimed its first victim.

The restaurant is famous for high fat eats, and sexy waitresses that walk around dressed like nurses. According to a local Fox affliate a man suffered a heart attack while eating a 'triple bypass burger', found on a menu that proclaims 'Tastes Worth Dying For!'

This is apparently the first cardiac incident at the restaurant, and one 'Nurse' was quoted as saying that tourists began taking pictures of the man thinking it was a publicity stunt.

It is sort of surprising that this has never happened before since the restaurant provides free meals for anyone over 300 pounds. And once that large person has managed to waddle inside they can choose from such foods as butterfat milkshakes, non-filtered cigarettes, and 'flat liner' fries.

The man's name and his condition has been withheld.

Once again Alanis, a black fly in your chardonnay is not irony, this is.