Its no black fly in a chardonnay, but Mel Gibson's next role is the perfect example of irony. In fact, I'm sure Webster's will include it in the next dictionary.

Gibson is conveniently casting himself in the role of a Jewish military hero, Juddah Maccabee. Maccabeen led a revolt against the armies of Greek and Syria between 167–160 BC. Who says you don't learn things on this site?  The unnamed project is being made by Gibson's production company and Warner Brothers.

Gibson considers the movie a follow up to "Passion of the Christ", and will probably direct this movie as well.

Back in 2006 Gibson said some not-so-nice things about Jewish people during a drunk driving arrest, which you can see in this terrible reenactment. Mel Gibson was also recorded yelling racial rants to his girlfriend. And most recently he starred in a movie with a beaver puppet.