There's a cool new subscription service, like Netflix, but instead of streaming unlimited movies in the comfort of your home, you can watch a new movie in the theater every day.


It's called MoviePass and like, Netflix, you pay a monthly subscription membership fee - it's only $9.95 a  month. Instead of watching streaming movies at home, MovePass allows you to watch movies in the theater. You can watch a box office film, every day of the week for one monthly price. Even if you only watched one movie a week it would still equal a big savings. Hell, with MoviePass you could even afford popcorn and drinks without having to sell a kidney first! I even checked their website for participating theaters and in Evansville alone, there are plenty of options including Showplace North, South & East and AMC Stadium 16 on the west side. I haven't subscribed myself yet, but I am seriously considering it!

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