Leo will be a year old in July and weighs in at 55 pounds. He's an active boy with lots of snuggles to give! Here's what PC Pound Puppies have to say about Leo:

Leo is a happy guy! If you want a dog that makes you laugh and loves to play, he’s your man! He’s almost a year old and 55 pounds. He is house trained and crate trained. He loves to play tug and is a great snuggler too! He knows how to sit, wait, laydown, “tell me” (bark), and go get his toy when told. He is very treat motivated and could be taught much more!
He lives with a cat currently but chases him. Very active so older kids would be best since he might accidentally knock over little ones. He prefers to eat alone.

Stays in crate when we are working. Happy to go in for a treat. Has never made a mess in his kennel. Loves all people. Overall he’s one big goober! Very treat motivated. He’s super snuggly and sweet! He chases his own shadow and barks at the reflection from a watch face on the wall.

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