The entire heavy music community has been mourning the death of Joey Jordison over the last couple of days, and among them is Korn's James "Munky" Shaffer, who called the late drummer a "fucking warrior."

Rockers have been posting tributes for Jordison on social media since the news of his death broke earlier this week, but TMZ caught up with Munky in person to discuss the tragedy.

"I'm in shock, I'm in shock. I can't believe it. That guy is such a fucking warrior. He loved drums, loved music, loved playing. He would jump in and play with anybody if he felt like it was a passion because he just loved heavy music. He loved playing his instrument. It's very sad. It's very sad that he's gone so young," the guitarist said.

Jordison joined Korn on the drums in the summer of 2007 for their Family Values Tour while David Silveria took a hiatus from the band. See footage of the drummer rehearsing with the members of Korn and playing with them live below.

Munky then went on to praise Jordison's talent as a drummer, noting that he had the most energy he'd ever seen in a drummer before.

"I have so many good memories about this guy," he continued. "We did a tour back in, I think, [2007]. And he had his own bus with another backing singer of the band, his name is Kalen. They became really close. Their bus was called the 'Dragon Bus' and our bus was called the 'Pirate Bus.' And it was always, like, 'Who partied harder? The pirates or the dragons?'"

"He'll always be remembered by me as somebody that's caring, compassionate and an amazing musician," the rocker added.

Watch the clip below.

Jordison didn't just help Korn out on the road — he also once filled in for Lars Ulrich during a Metallica show, and toured with Ministry, Satyricon, Rob Zombie and more.

He'll be sorely missed.

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