A day after Korn's announcement that guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer tested positive for COVID-19, they've revealed who will temporarily fill in for him while he recovers from the virus — Love and Death's J.R. Bareis.

Bareis, who previously filled in for Munky in 2019 while he was awaiting the birth of his child, played with Korn at their show last night (Sept. 9) in Salt Lake City, Utah. Additionally, he plays in Love and Death with Brian "Head" Welch, so he has several different ties to the Korn camp.

See footage of Bareis performing with the band during last night's show below.

Korn confirmed that Munky had tested positive for the virus yesterday on social media. Though they assured he is doing alright, he won't be playing at some of their upcoming concerts.

Jonathan Davis tested positive for COVID in mid-August, so the band postponed a couple of their shows and canceled a few as well. Though he was back on the road just a few weeks after, he was still experiencing some lingering side-effects of the disease, and was partially seated in a throne onstage. He was also reportedly using supplemental oxygen during their performances.

Fortunately, based on the videos from last night's show, Davis appears to be feeling a bit stronger as he's no longer sitting down.

"I know it might look a little bit different up here tonight. First off, I'm recovering from COVID, I've had it for a while... It fucked me up really bad, but I refuse to fucking let that shit get in the way of fucking entertaining my people," the frontman said prior to playing "Falling Away From Me" last night.

"My boy Munky just tested positive yesterday. So right now we got J.R. from Head's band Love and Death filling in," he continued.

See the footage below.

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