Spring is here, and so are baby kitties! One Evansville rescue has reached out in need of kitten supplies to help meet demand.


Another Chance for Animals is currently in need of kitten supplies. With Spring season here, baby animals are in full force, and as cute as they are, they're a lot of care! ACA said they've had a lot of kittens come in as singles, or with no mamas. So with the influx of kittens ACA is in need of supplies like kitten milk to mix with their food to help them get the nutrition they need.

Kitten Season is here, and we are in need of Kitten Supplies once again! We have had alot of Single kittens come in with No moms, so that means we need Kitten milk ( kmr) to mix with kitten food to help them start eating on their own! Paté food is also in need! We have updates our Amazon Wish list, and attached photos of what we are in the most need of! If you would rather drop off donations. Our office is open on Mondays and Wednesdays 530p-7p! 2808 North 1st ave!!

They also have an Amazon wish list, you can order things from and help them out. You can do that by clicking here! 

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