Celebrate the great outdoors with children on Kids to Parks Day, as the Indiana Department of Natural Resources encourages families to share their love for nature. This national event, taking place this Saturday, May 20th aims to foster connections between kids, families, and various local, state, and national parks.

Outdoor Experiences Not to Miss

Governor Eric Holcomb has shown his support for this initiative by officially proclaiming the importance of encouraging children and empowering families to explore the beauty of America's parks. As part of this endeavor, the DNR recommends familiarizing yourself with the Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights, which presents a list of 11 outdoor activities that every child should experience.


Explore Trails and More

Among the suggested activities are trail exploration to discover native plants, the thrill of fishing, the adventure of climbing trees, the magic of camping under the starry night sky, and many more exciting opportunities. For a comprehensive overview, you can visit here.

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If your child completes all the recommended activities, they can earn the esteemed title of Hoosier Outdoor Child—a recognition of their dedication to outdoor exploration and appreciation.

Inspire a Connection with Nature

Kids to Parks Day is made possible through the generous support of the National Park Trust, with additional backing from America's State Parks and the National Association of Parks Directors. Let's join hands and make this day a memorable occasion, inspiring the younger generation to connect with the wonders of nature.

[Source: Indiana DNR]

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