With warmer weather finally here, it's time to get up and get moving outdoors. June 1st is National Trails Day making it the perfect day to take a hike on one of Indiana's trails.

The state of Indiana offers a ton of outdoor recreation opportunities for those of us that feel most at home in the wild. Whether you are looking to camp, kayak, fish, or hunt, there are plenty of options to get outdoors.

Where to Hike in Indiana

If hiking is more your speed when it comes to outdoor activities, there is no shortage of trails across the Hoosier state to explore. In fact, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources has an interactive trail map to help you find your next hike.

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What You to Expect with the Indiana Trail Finder

Utilizing data from information gathered by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Outdoor Recreation, the Indiana Trail Finder offers users easy access to find trails nearby.

The primary purpose of the Indiana Trails Inventory is to provide information on all public trails in Indiana for trail planning and management. However, information from the Indiana Trail Inventory is also a useful resource for Hoosiers to locate and learn more about recreational trails available to them in Indiana. The information about the trails came directly from trail providers—those agencies and organizations which manage and maintain the trails.


How to Filter the Map

You can filter the results by the type of trail you would like to find. Prefer a paved path? Perfect! Filter it. Looking for a horse or ORV trail? There's a filter for that too. Would you rather hike on a natural surface, or maybe you are looking for the perfect mountain biking trail? You can filter for those options too.

How to Isolate Trails of Interest

Once you have selected your filters, you can zoom in on the map to isolate the results near you. By clicking on one of the highlighted trails on the map, you can learn additional details like the trail name, length, and the name of that particular segment of the trail, if there is one.

How to Zoom Back Out to the Full State View

If you have zoomed in to check out a particular area but want to return to the full state map, just hit the home icon on the map that looks like a house. It will zoom out to the full map for you.

Visit the Interactive Indiana State Trail Map Here

It May Not Be a Comprehensive Trail List

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources does point out on their website that the trail map may be limited in inclusivity and that some trails may have changed since the map was created. You can report any changes or misinformation by visiting the Indiana DNR website.

[Source: Indiana DNR]

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