Baby bison season came early at Land Between the Lakes which shares ground in both Kentucky and Tennessee.

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According to a recent Facebook post from the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area - U.S. Forest Service, four new baby bison were born at the South Bison Range. The recreation area spans parts of Western Kentucky and Tennessee. In the Facebook post, the Land Between the Lakes Recreational Area said,

There are 4 new bison calves at the South Bison Range! This is a little earlier than we are used to seeing them.

Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area - U.S. Forest Service via Facebook

When Are Baby Bisons Born

They said in their post to social media that this is 'a little earlier' than they would normally expect to see the baby bison being born, but just how early? According to the US Forest Service's website, baby bison are typically born at Land Between the Lakes in the month of May.

During May, the first bison calves appear. Bison calves stay close to their mothers.


Where Are the Bison?

The South Bison Range is adjacent to the Woodlands Trace National Scenic Byway and is located in Bumpus Mills, Tennessee. There you will find 200 acres of open range for the bison to roam. If you encounter a bison in the wild, the Friends of Land Between the Lakes advise that you keep your distance as they can be quite dangerous.

Bison can be very dangerous during mating season and with their young calves. Stay back from the fence if bison are near; bulls have been known to charge the fence and escape.


There Are More Than Just Bison - Find Bison and Elk in Kentucky

In addition to the South Bison Range, Land Between the Lakes is also home to the Elk & Bison Prarie - a 700-acre enclosure that allows visitors to drive through (a car fee applies) to view these impressive mammals. It is located in Golden Pond, Kentucky.

If you are looking for an exciting place to visit to get outdoors and explore nature, Land Between the Lakes has a lot to offer besides just bison. Learn more about all there is to do at Land Between the Lakes here.


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