Davis McIntire has a knack for impersonating people, especially southern women.  Two years ago he did his first TikTok and now he's gone viral and it's absolutely HILARIOUS!


Davis McIntire
Davis McIntire

We first discovered Davis last year when he went viral on TikTok.  Everyone was sharing his hilarious videos and we had to know more about his journey.  We actually interview him on our morning show here at WBKR and he even brought a few of his famed southern belle characters with him.

Here's how Davis got started on his road to TikTok Stardom;

He told me he was sitting in class in February 2020 right before the pandemic hit thinking how do I get famous quick?  His friend suggested TikTok and he wasn't sure he could do something so public.  Low and behold he jumped and when he woke up the next morning his first video had 16,000 views.

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Here's his very first TikTok;


@davismcintire gotta love southern women♥️ #Kentucky#southernwomen#derby#mississippi#alabama#georgia♬ original sound - Davis


Davis does a lot of impressions but the most relatable or likable has to be Ms. Edwina.  She is a hot mess plain and simple.  She'll tell it like it is and sometimes she shares a bit too much.

Edwina started out as the front office secretary and she moved up in the public school world.  If you have ever attended the public school system you most definitely have met an Edwina.

Ms. Edwina has all kinds of surprises up her sleeve and down her shirt LOL.

Ms. Edwina done went on a diet...WELL, KIND OF!

This is spot on my mother back from the grave I swear it!

Davis is always looking for suggestions for other southern belle characters.  Contact him on Facebook or Instagram and give him your ideas.

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