Look, up in the sky, it's a bird...no wait, it's a plane. No, no, no, it's a...it's a...CHUCK ROAST?!?  Forget biblical plagues; who needs toads and locusts? Give me something I can mark off my shopping list. Yes, it's the legendary Kentucky meat shower of 1876.

To this day, there has never been an official explanation for what happened on that March day in Bath County, just east of Lexington, Kentucky. Hypotheses about the vent do abound. Give a scientist a meat shower, and he'll give you a theory...like this one from Joe Walston of the Wildlife Conservation Society:

When vultures get spooked, they have to take off quickly. This proves especially difficult after they’ve just filled up on the decaying flesh of animals. Since meat proves heavy, they vomit to lighten the load. It’s not uncommon for them to do this on the wing, sending rotting flesh raining back down to earth. The samples of meat still available from the event support this theory, although the source of the meat has still yet to be identified.

Speaking of samples, this one is purported to be FROM that famed meat shower:

So yeah, that's pretty gross, but that's not all. Wait until you hear the description from the eyewitness of the sound it made when it landed.

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