Indiana Department of Transportation has dispatched nearly 1,000 trucks to treat highways, interstates, and U.S. routes across the state ahead of potentially dangerous weather.

Freezing Rain and Snow Prompt Crews to Prep Roads

According to INDOT, freezing rain is expected Monday and continuing into Tuesday before transitioning to rain later in the day. With the freezing rain in the overnight and morning hours, INDOT is expecting slick driving conditions for the Tuesday morning commute.

<p>INDOT will be at a full call in most areas, with nearly 1,000 trucks treating state highways, interstates and U.S. routes by Monday evening. Trucks will remain active for the duration of the ice event and afterward to continue cleanup efforts.</p><p>Freezing rain is expected to begin Monday afternoon and continue through early Tuesday, transitioning to rain across the state by mid-day.</p>
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Monitor Conditions and Avoid Unnecessary Travel

Ice accumulations are expected. INDOT warns drivers to monitor road conditions, and to avoid travel unless it is absolutely necessary. They also are reminding motorists that elevated surfaces like bridges and overpasses are especially prone to ice accumulation.

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Monitor Conditions in Real Time

Indiana residents can monitor real-time travel conditions by visiting or via INDOT's TrafficWise app. Additionally, you can view traffic and snow plow cameras online as well. Updates are regularly shared on INDOT's social media channels and travel advisories can be found at

Slow Down and Leave Extra Room During Slick Conditions

INDOT advises that drivers allow additional time to reach their destinations. Motorists should plan to slow down, leave extra room between other vehicles, and of course, allow plows and INDOT trucks room to do their jobs.

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