Human's aren't the only ones that hate the hot weather.

It's hot outside. We don't like. Animals don't like it. And a lot of creepy crawlies don't like it either. Like brown recluse.

Since the weather is so unbearable, these guys might be trying to find sanctuary in your basements, garages, or any place in your home that is dark and quiet.

Brown recluse spiders are brown (duh) and about the size of a quarter and their bites are very dangerous.

But don't panic! These dudes are called "recluses" for a reason. They like to keep to themselves, and won't just attack you willy-nilly. Don't antagonize it and it won't harm you.

Honestly, I don't like killing large spiders, because if I miss, they're pissed. And if I don't miss, that's big mess. So I like to use the 'cup and paper' method. I grab a clear glass, put it over the spider, then slide a sturdy piece of paper under neath the glass (Like an index card or an envelope). Now that my spider transport vehicle is secure, I take it outside, place the paper and cup on the ground, tip the glass over and run like a little girl back to my door so it can't get back in. I get the glass and paper back later....

If you would like more information on brown recluse spiders and they're bites, click here.

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