Hi. I'm Kat and I am a what some might call a "thrifter." I don't like to pay full price for anything. In fact, if I can't get it at a discount, I'm typically not interested - this goes for clothes, cars and even experiences. I work hard for my money and I want to hang on to as much of it as I can but I also like to do fun stuff and have nice things... so I employ a number of different tactics for saving money including shopping sales, clearance and second hand, using cashback and couponing apps and comparison shopping, to name a few. I have even figured out ways to enjoy a date night on a budget. That's where Tristate Cheap Date comes in. I'll show you how to have a great date night without breaking the bank!

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Affordable Movie Date Night:

We all know that one of the most important things that you can do as a couple is continue to date each other. No matter how long you've been together, setting aside time for just the two of you to spend quality time together is invaluable but it doesn't have to be expensive! Did you know that Tuesday is the best day to go to the movies? There are actually a few different ways that you can take advantage of money saving movie deals.

Showplace Cinemas

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Showplace Cinemas offers Tuesday movie deals to their customers. You can purchase tickets all day long on Tuesdays for just $5.00. This is a great deal, especially if driving to the westside of Evansville isn't convenient for you. Showplace has multiple theater locations in and around Evansville including Newburgh & Princeton in Indiana and Henderson across the river in Kentucky. They don't have any concessions specials on their website but they do offer their own rewards program that you can take advantage of to earn points that are redeemable for some freebies! This is definitely a great deal to take advantage of.


AMC Theatre

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AMC Theatres offers some really great savings on Tuesdays! If you are an AMC Stubs member - it's free to sign up - you can earn points for each dollar you spend and then redeem for cash reward bonuses. 5,000 points = $5 bonus rewards. The rewards points are nice, but for me what makes the Stubs membership worth having is their Tuesday Ticket Savings. AMC discounts the regular price of $8.59 for an adult ticket to just $5.00 per ticket with the discount applied at checkout. If you buy your tickets online through the AMC website, there is a $3.50 convenience fee charged. This brings your total price for two adult admissions to $13.50. You can avoid the convenience fee by purchasing tickets at the theater but I like to buy my tickets online in advance to ensure that I get to sit in the back row!

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Not bad for a night at the movies, but there's actually an even better deal at AMC, if you are an AT&T customer. AT&T has a program called AT&T Thanks and customers can use the free app to take advantage of exclusive customer discounts on a number of things, including movie tickets. AT&T Thanks members can purchase movie tickets with Ticket Twosdays. This is actually my preferred method of purchasing tickets and here's why... I told you I like to save money and get discounts but the better the discount, the happier I am with my decision to spend money. The concept here is the same as the AMC Stubs Ticket Tuesday in that you get a discount, but if you are buying two tickets anyway, AT&T Thanks offers the bigger discount. Using the free app, you can purchase buy-one-get-one free tickets for AMC through MoviePhone (you get directed here automatically inside the AT&T Thanks app). The really great thing about this method is that when you purchase your tickets through AT&T Thanks, you can still enter your AMC Stubs Rewards member number during the checkout process, earning you those rewards points I mentioned earlier. Using this method, the total purchase price for two adult tickets is only $10.29 - a savings of $3.21 cheaper than buying through the AMC website directly.

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There is one more reason that Tuesday's are the best day for a date night movie, especially at AMC. If you are an AMC Stubs Member, they offer $5 Cameo Combo Tuesday's when you show your Stubs Reward ID at the concession stand. So after you buy your ticket through AMCTheatres.com or using AT&T Thanks, you can pick up small popcorn and a 20 oz soft drink or Icee for only $5.00!!!

Here's the math on the cheapest way to do a Tuesday Night Movie Date:

2 Adult AMC tickets using AT&T Thanks: $10.29 + 2 Cameo Combos at $5 each: $10.00 = Movie night, popcorn & drinks for $20 and change!

See? I told you I was thrifty! Not only do we get to have a great date night but we also get to save some money that we can use on another night to eat out! Keep your eyes out for more great Tristate Cheap Date posts coming soon!