Tag is a dangerous sport. As the new movie 'Tag' proves, on and off screen.

The new movie Tag (based on a true story) will be in theaters on June 14th, and looks like a lot of fun. But it also looks very dangerous for the cast that filmed it.

Case in point: Jon Hamm recently revealed that Jeremy Renner broke BOTH OF HIS ARMS on the 3RD DAY OF FILMING.

Keep in mind, this is a man who's done a hundred Avengers movies and been fine. And he does a movie about playing tag...both arms. Like firewood. Just snapped like matchsticks.

Renner had to wear green casts on his arms so they could be used as a green screen. Which means that Renners arms in the movie are CGI.

You didn't even notice, did you? I didn't. But now that I know this information, and I watched the trailer again, I can actually tell a little bit. I mean, I can't see the CGI, but I can tell that Renner is purposefully trying to not show or use his arms. Which kind of makes his character look like more of a badass. I mean, he jumped horizontally feet first to slide over a table WITH NO ARMS. You go, Hawkeye.

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