These characters do not get enough acknowledgment and I'm tired of it!

The new trailer for Ralph Breaks the Internet came out and it features "all the Disney Princesses".

But there were some powerful female characters missing...

I feel like if you aren't a princess or a queen/ruler you get ignored in the Disney world. You can be a strong fierce female character without having a major title!

So here are some characters that get overlooked, and need some recognition!


She is briefly featured in the new trailer. But she usually isn't included in the "Disney Princess" category. Which doesn't make sense to me because she fought to save her father, she fought to save her country, she IS the Great Stone Dragon, and SHE SAVED ALL OF CHINA.


Another character that I'm surprised showed up in the trailer is Pocahontas. She is ALWAYS overlooked. I'm glad she was actually included as a princess.

I just love her because she doesn't take anyone's BS and creates her own path in life and YOU GO, POCAHONTAS.

Now, onto characters that WEREN'T in the trailer, who really don't get enough recognition:

Wendy Darling

We've all been there: You go to a shindig thinking you're going to party and have fun, but then you end up being "the mom" for the night. Wendy had to grow REALLY FAST in Peter Pan. She started the movie as a child, and ended it ready to be a mother.

First of all, slowly your roll, pin curls. You're like, 10. Second of all, she had to take care of 9 boys and try to make sure they didn't get kidnapped. There are some adults I know that can't handle 9 kids, much less try to keep them from getting kidnapped every 5 seconds.


Megara is overlooked. She is a fierce badass, she's a damsel, she's in distress, she isn't a princess, and that's fine. Have a nice day.

Lilo and Nani

They aren't princesses, but they try. They try so hard with what they are given. And it's enough. They make it work. And I think we can all relate to that more than a princess.




Why does everyone ignore that fact that the movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire exists?? BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST. And Kida is royalty that is ALWAYS OVERLOOKED AND NEVER INCLUDED IN ANY DISNEY MERCHANDISING. She is a queen, a goddess, and THE DAMN HEART OF ATLANTIS. She's more powerful than all the Disney Princesses combined (In my opinion).


Who is a Disney character YOU think gets overlooked?


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