National Cheese Day is typically about food. But "cheesy" can also be used to describe these movies.

Cheesy: "not very good or original, and without style, in a way that is embarrassing but amusing; too emotional or romantic, in a way that is embarrassing; done in an exaggerated and probably not sincere way" (OxfordLearnersDictionaries)

Romantic-Comedies are a give-in. I'm going to try not to waste your time with those. We'd be here all day with a mile long list of cheesy movies if I included those.

So here are some of the cheesiest movies I've encountered in my life that, despite the cheesiness, I love.

I love 'em for the cheese.

7. Batman & Robin

The dialogue, the cold puns, the Bat nipples, the butt and crotch close-ups. It doesn't get cheesier than that...

6. Wet Hot American Summer

A movie made to purely make fun of summer camps and itself at the same time.

5. Zoolander

4. Troll 2

A movie that is cheesy because it's bad. And yet it's horribleness has resulted in one of the most iconically hilarious lines in all of horror cinema.

3. Galaxy Quest

Another movie that knows what it is, and is going to make fun of itself the entire time.

2. Sixteen Candles (Or any John Hughes movie...)

Look at all that gooey melted 80's cheese...

1. The Princess Bride

We love it BECAUSE of the cheese.


What's your favorite cheesy movie?

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