If your plan is to vary up your weekend getaways this summer, and you're an enthusiast of all things vintage, then hitting the Kentucky Antique Trail could be a very rewarding experience.

The trail is comprised of 24 shops and 28 malls, so you'd have your work cut out for you. But how much fun would it be expanding your treasure hunting all over the Commonwealth. Oh, and there's this...not ALL of what TripAdvisor users tell us are the five best antique stores in Kentucky are actually ON the Kentucky Antique Trail. Not sure how that happened, but there's plenty of time to get there.

5. Wakefield-Scearce Galleries - Shelbyville

While this elegant gallery is open year-round and celebrates every major holiday whether it's a holiday or not (St. Patrick's Day, Derby Day), Wakefield-Scearce prides itself on its Yule Shoppe which opens in early November every year to get folks ready for the holidays. Somehow, this didn't make the Kentucky Antique Trail, but I would imagine the trail is forever expanding.

Check out their unique collection of Christmas trees:

4. Architectural Salvage & Antiques - Louisville

Home furnishings, accessories, and fixtures are their stock and trade at Architectural Salvage, which has been satisfying treasure seekers for nearly 40 years on East Broadway in Louisville. Take a look:

3. Fleur de Flea Vintage Urban Market - Louisville

Fleur de Flea is pushing all of my buttons--vintage vinyl, books, mid-century (my JAM), art deco. Even repurposed items. Eclectic is the name of the game at this outdoor treasure trove located in Louisville's historic Paristown. There's even a BAR.

2. Bright's Antique World - Franklin

More than 100 antique dealers showcase their merchandise at Bright's Antique World where you'll find an enormous selection of vintage kitsch, among other things. They even host Appraisals in the Park at Franklin's Brighton Park with Antiques Roadshow's J.T. Thompson on hand to confirm whether or not visitors have a gold mine or a goose egg on their hands.

1. Irish Acres Gallery of Antiques - Versailles

Oddly enough, the highest-rated antique gallery on the TripAdvisor list is NOT on the Kentucky Antique Trail. So hang onto this list in addition to the "trail guide." Interestingly, this year marks both the 52nd and 40th anniversaries of Irish Acres, which began its life in Ashland KY in 1972. When the Nonesuch Elementary School building became available in 1984, Irish Acres relocated.

The beautiful Irish Acres Gallery looks more like an art museum than an antique store, but fans and collectors approve to the tune of very high online scores.

Happy antiquing, and who knows? By the fall, your home may not even be recognizable to your family and friends, and won't THAT be fun?

EDITOR'S NOTE: TripAdvisor rankings update frequently.

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