It appears there is scientific evidence to suggest that dogs not only watch TV but even prefer certain shows to others.

My dog, Luna, sometimes watches TV in the evening with my wife and I. When we first brought her home as a very young puppy, I was binge-watching Two and a Half Men, which she became accustomed to hearing and watching every night. In the six months that we've had her, I've found that this show seems to calm her. Perhaps it's because those were the first voices she heard in her new home.

According to Health Day, a study was conducted to determine if videos would be a suitable way to monitor the vision of dogs over time. The survey asked dog owners to show their furry friend four short videos that included subjects of possible interest: a panther, a dog, a bird and road traffic. After 1,200 responses, researchers were able to draw a couple of conclusions.

The first thing the data revealed was how dogs actually prefer video content featuring animals over those featuring humans. Specifically, dogs like watching other dogs. So if you're flipping through the channels one Saturday morning and run across an old episode of Scooby-Doo or Underdog, you may see if your pup takes an interest. If not, maybe they would prefer a live action series?

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Another conclusion researchers drew was that age and vision were directly related to how much a dog interacted with the screen. Movement on screen was also a factor, with canines having a higher attention span for moving elements. Additionally, sporting and herding dogs were more likely than other breeds to engage with something on TV. My dog is an Australian Shepherd mix, and Aussies are well known for their herding capabilities. This may be why she takes such an interest in things on screen.

Now that I'm aware of the type of TV my dog might prefer, perhaps I will do some experiments with other shows. It's been a long time since I watched Animal Planet, but I'm curious if Luna will take an interest. If not, there is always Two and a Half Men. Maybe she just prefers sitcoms? Luckily, I've got plenty of those on my watch list to choose from.

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