There are great songs in every decade, but there are only a select few that you might consider "god-tier" status. In this list, we're revisiting the god-tier rock songs of the 1990s.

Every song on this list is now at 25 years or older, giving them plenty of time to build up a lasting legacy.

The Factors in Deciding What Is a God-Tier Song

In order to achieve god-tier status, numerous factors were taken under consideration. Sales and radio charts give us the easiest definable numbers. But you can also look at the impact a song had, whether it be through covers, media placement, uses in popular culture and staying power, as some of these songs saw secondary peaks later in their careers.

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The Sounds of the '90s

What a decade it was, as we saw a shift from hair metal to grunge to nu-metal, with pop-punk also seeing a bit of a revival en route to bigger things in the 2000s. Some acts such as Nirvana and Green Day emerged to leave their stamp on the era, while others such as AC/DC and Guns N' Roses extended their legacies with fresh hot songs that stood the test of time.

But which 1990s rock songs achieved "god-tier" status? Take a look and see if there's any you would add to this list.

10 Best God-Tier Rock Songs of the 1990s

These 1990s rock songs have secured themselves god-tier status based on their legacy, their stats and basically just being iconic in nature.

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