You didn't go vote. Admit it. With the election turnout in Vanderburgh County hovering at 10%, you are not alone. However in Canada, you're not even allowed to talk about the election....on Twitter that is.

Due to a law that dates back to the 1930s, Canadian Twitter users could face fines of $25,000 (Canadian Dollars) for posting any sort of election results on their feeds.

The law was originally created so that Canadians in the west wouldn't get deterred from voting, since those in the East would get their results first. Because Canadian's aren't about hurting people's feelings.

Due to the fact that radio was the medium for communications when the law was created, modern Canadians say that the law is way too outdated. In a time where the internet and social networks reign supreme, they believe the law should be changed.

But that hasn't stopped some Canadians from posting the results anyway. Cause they are bad asses, that's why. And I'm assuming 'bad ass Canadian' is someone like Brian Adams. Which I believe the Canadian Government should apologize to us Americans for. He's terrible.

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