In 2023 the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles rejected more than a thousand personalized license plate applications submitted by Hoosier motorists. Below are 25 of our favorites.

Showcase Your Personality

Getting a new car is exciting, and a personalized license plate can be the perfect way to showcase your personality but the BMV has the final word on what you can say on your license plate.

Why the BMV Might Deny a License Plate Application

The Indiana BMV can deny a personalized license plate for a number of reasons, as outlined on their website.

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The BMV may refuse to issue a PLP containing a combination of letters or numbers, or both, if the following apply:

  • Carries a meaning or connotation offensive to good taste and decency;
  • Would be misleading; or
  • The BMV otherwise considers improper for issuance.
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Written Notice of Rejection

If your request for a personalized license plate is denied, the BMV will notify you in writing and you will be given the option to register a standard, state-issued plate, or you may choose another personalized license plate.

Unfairly Denied? Appeal!

If you believe that your personalized license plate has been unfairly denied, you may also appeal the BMV's decision by filing a petition for review.

What's Allowed On a Personalized Indiana License Plate?

For a standard personalized Indiana license plate, there are 8 characters maximum allowed for passenger vehicles, and 6 characters max for motorcycles. When it comes to what is and it's allowed on a personalized license plate in Indiana, first and foremost, it must be unique and not duplicate any other state-issued license plate. It also cannot contain any special characters. Only numbers and letters are allowed. Spaces are allowed between numbers and letters, but no double spaces are allowed.

More Than 1,000 Rejected Personalized License Plates

Every year drivers apply for personalized license plates with the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles and every year, the BMV rejects hundreds of them. In fact, in 2023 alone, there were more than 1,000 rejected applications for personalized plates. To learn more about applying for a personalized plate visit and then keep scrolling to see 25 of our favorites from the rejected list, and find a link to the full list as well.

25 Personalized License Plates Rejected by the Indiana BMV

Every year the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles sifts through applications for personalized license plates, and every year hundreds are rejected below are 25 of the more than 1,000 rejected license plates that the BMV received between January and December of 2023. You'll also find a link to the full list of rejected personalized license plates below.

Gallery Credit: Kat Mykals

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