We asked Scott Waldman — artist manager, Lido Beach frontman and the host of the Waldman's Words podcast — to zero in on some of the most incredible bands from the 1980s.

We also asked him to discuss it with a friend, so he called up his business partner and the singer of the group Black Mansions, Tom Kunzman. Each offered their own Top 5 picks, with personal commentary, of great bands who first released an album in the '80s.

From the subsequent survey, a few borderline exceptions exist in acts that emerged in the late '70s, but that one could argue firmly belong to the '80s regardless — Devo and Kate Bush, whose first studio albums appeared in 1978, and The Cure, who released their debut LP in 1979.

Either way, the conversation represents a fun walk down memory lane for two music heads who seem to know a thing or two about the '80s. Enjoy yourself.

Scott says, "Tom Kunzman plays in Black Mansions, a band inspired by 1986, The Cure and all things stupid. Because he is stupid, but not really. Sue him? He's not a lawyer, but argues like one. Anywho, Tom has been a client for nearly four years (strong) and a friend since one day into our business relationship. That is not a dad joke. (Pauses for 666 seconds.) OK, I'm back now. Here are 10 '80s bands that he and I like a lot, like really a lot — but not a-Scott."

Scott Waldman's Top 5 '80s bands

Tom Kunzman's Top 5 '80s Bands

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