Remember Scott Waldman, the music-loving artist manager and podcast host who also makes his own tunes as Lido Beach? Well, he's headed to Riot Fest 2021 this September, to be accompanied by fellow rocker (and client) Fred Mascherino of Terrible Things, The Color Fred and formerly Taking Back Sunday.

Naturally, they're both super excited about the whole excursion. And seeing as how Waldman frequently contributes to Loudwire, often in the form of conversations with his many buds in the music biz, we asked him and Mascherino to tell us what bands they're most excited to see at Riot Fest this year.

So, below, the two have shared a list of their 10 must-see Riot Fest artists, with Waldman and Mascherino jointly contributing some (for Waldman) customarily zany commentary on each. Enjoy.

10 Must-See Riot Fest 2021 Bands

"Shalom means hello, goodbye and peace. Hello. This isn't a goodbye. Peace? Anywho, Fred Mascherino is a better guitarist than you, and we are heading to Riot Fest together to watch these 10 bands (and more) with a sick-ass multiple (choice?) word explanation as to why — even though we don't fucking need it. I mean, Fred played in fucking Terrible Things and shit. We plan to circle jerk together, cambria the shit out of Chicago, devolutionize the patriarchy, bring dinosaurs back to life, yell '516' and '631' at the top of our lungs, not get messed up, worship Mike Patton, drink a beer (or none) to Canada, smile at Billy and wrestling organizations, and go to church. Fuck you. I wanna riot." —Scott Waldman

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