I admire anyone that can play the guitar...that's something I've wanted to learn for a long time, and will hopefully do so someday. This guy is especially impressive though. Not just because he can play all of these different riffs, but because he can do it seamlessly in one take.

Maybe playing a bunch of different riffs back to back to back isn't that big of a deal to you...but once you see what that involves, I think you'll agree that this guy is pretty good. He's got to switch the sound of his guitar from one riff to the next, and he even tunes his guitar up or down to fit certain riffs. You've got to give him some props.

It's not a countdown or a list of the 100 best riffs of all time. It's just a look at the progression of the guitar and the sounds it has made over the decades. It's a nice little jaunt down the 'ol memory lane.

Rock N' Roll History Told On The Guitar