Story Time: I have a stack of post-it notes next to my bed. I keep them there because my brain goes crazy at night and I come up with weird ideas. SO, as to not lose these thoughts and ideas, I write them down on post-it notes so I won't forget them in the morning.

Unfortunately, sometimes this backfires on me.


I often write down these ideas half asleep, or just coming out of sleep, so the note ends up being just a random jumble of words that I don't understand or know why I wrote down. Most of these notes just stay on my bedside table. Some manage to make their way to random locations I do not remember putting them. (Why is there a note that says "dog tape" on the stove? Who put this here? And wrote my handwriting...?)


Case in point: Today I woke up to a post-it note next to my alarm clock that just said "Arby's, dude"




















I...I mean...I honestly don't know what to do with this information...


I DID end up going to Arby's for lunch today. So maybe it was Sleepy Chynna's way of giving me a not-so-subliminal message. More like a 'literal message'...


Other post-it's I have woken up to:


"Bed flaps"

Did I mean bed skirt? What are "bed flaps"??


"Get the cat stuff"

That could mean ANYTHING relating to my cat!


"haunted dolls"



"snowman blood"

You mean 'water'?


and "Sandman God Book"
I surprisingly actually managed to decipher that last one. I was trying to tell myself to check out Neil Gaiman's (writer of the Sandman comics) new Norse Mythology book.


Long story short: Sleepy Chynna and Awake Chynna really need to find a better way to communicate with each other...


Does...anyone this? Or is this just another one of those "NOPE. Just YOU." situations?

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