I have two amazing kids...a 13-year old daughter and an almost 10-year old son. I usually give credit for all of their positive attributes to my lovely wife, who is the best mom ever. But my son recently said something that I'm taking all the credit for, and I couldn't be more proud!

I am so incredibly blessed to have two kids that are healthy, beautiful, smart, respectful and well behaved. They are also incredibly funny. And not like "funny for a kid" either...they are just flat out funny. They make me and my wife laugh every day. Such was the case last night on the way to a basketball game.

We were on Diamond Avenue, heading to the east side. As we passed Aaron's Rental, near Diamond and Stringtown, my son says "hey dad look, it's A-Aron's!" My wife and I immediately broke out in laughter, because we immediately knew what he was referencing. Hopefully you do too without me having to tell you. And without missing a beat, he followed it up by saying "I wonder if they have any Fuuuuudge!" My heart was full of pride!

That's my boy, referencing two different Key & Peele skits with perfect comedic timing!

Now...if you've seen some of Key & Peele's skits, you know that many of them are not appropriate for a 10-year old. And I know that too. So before you freak out, you need to know that he's only seen a few skits that I allowed him to see. I've seen every episode of Key & Peele, so I know what he should and shouldn't see.

And in case you are not familiar with Key & Peele...here are the two skits that my son so masterfully referenced last night.


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