Saturdays in the Fall are all about college football right? So how 'bout an homage to some of the more "unique" names of today's athletes. Key & Peele, which is absolutely one of the funniest shows on TV, totally nailed on this bit.

Now you know as well as I do that names these days are just getting out of control. I think some parents look at it as a challenge to come up with the most unique (and ridiculous) names possible. Key & Peele recognize that too, and take to the extreme. In the skit, it's time to meet the starting lineups for the East/West Collegiate Bowl. All of the players (except for one) are portrayed by Key & Peele. The names just continued to get more and more absurd, and hilarious. Check it out below.

BTW, you can see Key & Peele every Wednesday night at 9:30pm on Comedy Central. They just started a new season and it has been hilarious so far.

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