Hey there! Not sure if you heard but we are supposed to get some snow here in the Tri-State! Whoopie! I went to the grocery store and bought up lots of goodies to make soups and treats. We cut firewood. Well, my husband cut firewood. We prepared the cars. We did all the things to prepare... Except...

I didn't realize my daughter grew out of her snow suit! And there were NONE to be found in the tri-state or even on Amazon Prime. Ack.

So, what's a mom to do? WORRY, STRESS, BEAT HERSELF UP FOR BEING SUCH A CRAPTASTIC MOM? Yes, I did all those things. Then I buckled down and went to work. She will go sledding. She will be warm and dry. Why? Because I have a drawstring trash bag, duct-tape, and scissors.

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I will warn you - they sound like you are wearing a diaper, or ya know, a trash bag under your pants but your alternatives are NOT PLAYING IN THE SNOW (X) or BEING COLD AND WET IN THE SNOW (X). Now, I won't be winning any mom of the year awards anytime soon but I might win a fun DIY award! Ha!

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