Items to Make the Most of a Snow Day
Snow! I know it's not fun to scrape off of cars or clear from your driveway, but for someone who doesn't experience it regularly, it can be so magical. Here are some items to make the most of a snowy day!
Remembering The Pre-Christmas Snowstorm Of 2004
This morning, I was reminded of what the weather was like twelve years ago right before Christmas, it was brutal. We rarely see a white Christmas around these parts, but in 2004, holiday travel was at a snail's pace or a standstill. Oh, what a ride!
Who Knew? Snow Can Be Fun!
Being in Tri-State area, we ofter know the two results of 'winter weather' in this area. Its either snow and ice. Since the latter is holding off (I hope), why is everyone whining and complaining about snow? We just need to get creative.

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