Texans are getting really inventive with their de-icing...

Texas is one of those states that doesn't often have to deal with the cold like we do up here. While, they do get snow, ice isn't very common. Until this year.

Now, Texans are scrambling to figure out how to get ice off of their cars, because they can't find ice scrapers anywhere.

1. Frisbees

Works well enough for snow...Not much for ice.


2. Hangers

  3. Gift Cards  


4. There are many tweets warning other Texans to NOT USE HOT WATER to get ice off. Sometimes you just gotta learn the hard way...


The spatula.




Dear Texans, to make your life a little easier, I bestow upon you this ancient ice secret from the north...


1 spray bottle + 1/3 water + 2/3 rubbing alcohol = homemade de-icer


You're welcome.


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