Fire crews in one Michigan town had to rescue a woman who had driven her car in to the middle of a frozen lake.

Apparently an unidentified 24 year old, who lives on the lake, became disoriented during a drive in her neighborhood. She apparently drove in to a neighbor's yard and ended up on the frozen lake, thinking she was still on a road!

According to the woman, she suddenly realized she was on the lake and decided to drive back to her house. ON THE FREAKING LAKE. The queen of bad decisions soon met her match when she came across some swans.

The lake sits above a spring which creates holes in the ice. So you see where this is going. Swans flew out of the way, she hit the hole, and had to be rescued from her partially submerged car.

The car only had minor damage, as the back half had partially submerged. But it probably would have been best to put the car out of its misery with an owner like that.

So no matter what type of day you have had, at least you didn't confuse a road and a lake.

(Updated 3/1/2013: And many apologies to Amy O'Brian who was incorrectly identified in an earlier post of this story. She was the gracious bystander who called 911. Reading comprehension fail on my part.)

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