On my Facebook newsfeed last week, I memory popped up that would have made me a bit nostalgic but in the current climate just made me a little irate. This time two years ago, I was enrolling my daughter for Kindergarten. Awww, leaving the nest. Well, here we are among COVID-19 and she's back in the nest FULL-TIME. I have told her three times now to come sit down and do her schoolwork. So ready for school to be back in session.

I did notice in our school Facebook group that incoming Kindergarten parents are wondering how they can enroll their children. The WCSC has posted that you'll have to enroll them online. There's also directions for enrolling first time first graders.

My suggestion is to drive by your Kindergartener's new school and take a pic (safely inside the car). Then post it to Facebook. This too shall pass and you'll still want to look back at this milestone.

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