Here in Indiana, fair food is a huge part of the Hoosier diet - with the state’s mad science culinary vision and its you name it, we’ll deep fry it philosophy, you can never really tell, exactly, what sort of bizarre food you will find being served out of a mobile food cart. Take, for example, bacon donuts.

Okay, so maybe the concept of a bacon donut doesn’t sound that crazy. Because even though it may quite possibly be the quickest way to coronary country, people from the Midwest are infamous for cooking certain food items with bacon grease, including gravy, green beans and even pancakes.

However, this week at the Indiana State Fair, MCL Restaurant and Bakery has taken the bacon drenched concept a little further by actually making bacon glazed donuts. The donuts are made with pureed sweet corn mixed into the donut batter and then deep fried, tossed into a bacon glaze and served.

“It’s homemade, it’s made from scratch and it’s going over really, really well,” says MCL executive chef Ian Kille.

From what we can tell, it may be worth the road trip to the Indiana State Fair just to get your hands on an order of these bacon glazed bad boys. However, if you don’t make it to the fair, you may be able to convince Chef Kille to make you a special order by sending him a message on Facebook. Hey, it never hurts to try.