It's always a bummer to see a local business close its doors.

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Ghost Quesadilla

Ghost Quesadilla opened its first restaurant in Newburgh, and after gaining mega popularity it expanded to Evansville's west side in 2021. Of course, Ghost Quesadilla is well known for serving a wide variety of quesadillas (personally I don't think you can go wrong with the Southwest Chicken Quesadilla, it is *chefs kiss*).  On top of quesadillas, they also serve up a wide variety of tacos, burritos, and salads.

Photo by Lottie Griffiths on Unsplash
Photo by Lottie Griffiths on Unsplash

Ghost Quesadilla Closing Second Location

Ghost Quesadilla's second location has been off of Pearl Drive on Evansville's west side, but unfortunately, Ghost Quesadilla took to Facebook to announce that Sunday, May 28th would be the last day their west side location would be open after a lease dispute.

As it breaks our hearts to say this, we have lost the battle with our lease agreement. We have worked endless hours and put in countless dollars but at the end of the day the deck was stacked against us. We have a wonderful staff that have helped guide us, support us, show up and show out every time they were needed. Our kitchen has amazed us in the changes as we tried to find our way in the industry we knew nothing about. Our bar staff that have built regulars and relationships with each and every one of you.
We want to thank you for all of your love and support you have shown us along this journey.
THIS SUNDAY will be our last day open. Follow along as we throw out some bad ass specials on food and drinks as we clear out the house. Come show your love and support to all of our staff as we find placement for everyone. Thank you all again for following us every step of the way
It's always a bummer to hear that a local establishment will be closing, but if there's any positive here, it's that you are still able to enjoy Ghost Quesadilla in Newburgh, it just may be a bit of a drive for you if you're a west sider, but good food is always worth a short drive in my opinion!

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