Someone took time to make 'Dance Macabre' sound like it's right out of an 80s video game! 


I'm not sure what's funnier, the arcade version of the song itself or the tiny 8-bit Cardinal Copia haha!  Even though the song 'Dance Macabre' is new, the graphics and classic sounds will definitely take you back to old school arcade days! Also in the beginning you may recognize another song 'Ring around the Rosie!' if you've listened to Ghost's latest album Prequelle you'll notice there's a strong plague theme to it.  The album even starts off with 'Ashes' which is a version of 'Ring Around the Rosie' that's actually 'Ring a Ring o' Rosies" so I thought it was really cool the extra time and effort this person took in putting this video together.

Check it out below!



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