To celebrate International Cat Day, let me explain to you what I mean when I say that I am a "cat lady".


I love cats. They're fluffy. I like fluffy things. Some of them are a**holes. But I respect that. We have that in common.


















(Here's a picture of an a**hole I grew up with. We called her "Lauren".)


But when I say I'm a "cat lady" I don't mean that I live alone with 50 cats and will probably end up on some sort of animal cop show or Hoarders some day. No.


When I say "cat lady", I mean that cats just kind of...find me.












This is not my cat. It just walked up to me and sat down. And I was like "Well....since it's right here...I might as it...


This trend of "cats finding me" kind of just continued for the rest of my life.


Chynna Hall


Not my cats...














Cute as hell. But not mine.














Slept on my porch all winter one year.











Lived by the dumpster next to my old apartment (I found all the kittens homes when they were old enough. Because I'm a nice person.)
















This is a cat that wandered into my apartment by weaseling my screen door open then just squatted with me for 24 hours before leaving through the screen door again.


So when I say I'm a "cat lady" I don't really get a choice in the matter. I could have been just a normal person that liked cats. But no. The cats all flock to me like they're pigeons and I'm a bag lady that feeds them in a park.


I'm not complaining though.


Stop by anytime ya want, kitties.




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