Think of it as a homage to War Of The Worlds. The 1938 version, not the terrible Tom Cruise one where Dakota Fanning WOULD NOT stop screaming.

Back then a bunch of people got worked up in to a panic, over a radio show. In the days before you could cruise over to the station's Facebook page to call BS, listeners thought aliens were invading New Jersey. I'm sure there's a Jersey Shore joke in there.

Now flash forward to a world where The Walking Dead is shattering ratings records, and you see where this is going.

In Great Falls, Montana KRTV is reporting that hackers broke in to the station's Emergency Alert System. That interrupted broadcasting and started playing that familiar, "stuff" is going down, tone.

That is a when a message began to play that told viewers about dead bodies coming back to life. It also told viewers to avoid the "zombies", because they were beginning to attack the living.

The station immediately went in to damage control and began saying that the alert was not true. That didn't stop four people who called the local police station to see if the report was true.

And countless other people began to wonder, "What would Daryl do?"


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