If you're looking for an infectiously fun Halloween experience for the whole family, look no further than the first ever Zombie 5K Run & Walk.

Zombies Wanted

This Halloween there is an epic, family-friendly day of fun planned but organizers are looking for a few good zombies! On Sunday, October 30th you, your friends, and your family can volunteer to play the part of brain-hungry zombies in Evansville's first-ever Zombie 5K Run and Walk.

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It's Free to Be a Zombie

If you're up for an adventure and over the age of 16, why not take part in the event as one of the zombies? As a zombie volunteer, you will be responsible for your own costume and makeup, but event organizers are offering discounted zombie kits and face painting if you need a little help. Plus zombie volunteers will be able to take part in the Zombie Photo Shoot. Registration to volunteer as a zombie is free and open through October 25th. Sign up now!

Prefer to Save Your Brains?

Would you rather save your brains and participate in the 5K? As a runner/walker your goal is to get to the cure as fast as you can so the zombie outbreak can be eradicated swiftly.

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Bring Back the Cure

You and the rest of the non-infected will be run to the Red Cross in hopes of finding the cure for the zombie outbreak but you better watch out! You're going to encounter zombies along the way who want to steal your brains flag.

Race to the Red Cross to secure the cure and run it back to base. Runners will have a flag football belt, and dodge Zombies. The Zombies will be trying to steal those flags!

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A Full Day Of Fun

Not only can you outrun zombies but the day will have a whole lot more in store too, including a trunk or treat beginning at noon, as well as a pumpkin carving contest, face painting, giveaways, and more. Don't forget to pause for a pic at the blood-spattered wall.

When and Where

The Evansville Zombie 5K is will begin at Wesselman Woods with the course running through Wesselman Woods before crossing over the Lloyd Expressway where runners will make their way to the Eyecamp Scout Center to meet members of the American Red Cross before running back.

Register to Run

If you're ready to sign up, you have two races to choose from. Race registration is $20 per person (plus fees) until October 15, 2022. After that, the price increases to $25 (plus fees). Registration does include an event tee shirt. You can register to run by visiting RiseUp.com.

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