Guitar picks allow you to play in the most precise way possible and can totally change your sound. Watch this guitarist play with a pick that's 65 times the normal size and totally shred.

Amar Alhoch has been playing guitar for most of his life and in 2020 decided to post some of his practice videos on social media. His website states that "he captured the attention of the guitar community with his technical and compositional skills while also sharing valuable insights to learning the guitar." He's gained a following of over 40,000 on Instagram and his videos have reached over one million views on Instagram and over two million on TikTok.

In the video below, you can watch Alhoch shred with the biggest guitar pick in the world. According to his video, it's 65 times the size of a normal guitar pick and was handmade. In the caption, the guitarist wrote "Purple Plectrums sent me this pick and challenged me to shred with it. This has to be the most epic shred challenge of all time! I'm not gonna lie, it wasn't easy but it was so much fun. Purple Plectrums is always thinking big."

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Alhoch is a musician for Purple Plectrums and The String Source, the first is a company that makes "artisan-crafted precision plectrums" while The String Source makes "balanced tension, nickel-wound, hex-core custom guitar strings" according to their Instagrams. The guitarist also has his own album out called Theory Between, which was released in November 2021.

Since this pick is the largest in the world, we wonder if it/Alhoch will receive a Guinness World Record. Harold Craighead and Dustin Carr hold the Guinness World Record for making the smallest replica guitar, the replica based on a Fender Stratocaster anded up just ten micrometers long, 1/20 the thickness of human hair. Scott Rippetoe holds the Guinness World Record for creating the largest playable guitar, which is over 43 feet tall.

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