If you tell Stephen Colbert he can't do something, you've just made a grave mistake. He's like Captain Loophole, he WILL find a legal way around it.


If you have a tv show and Green Day performs on your show, that's awesome.  But if you want to sing with Green Day backstage on camera? You have to pay royalties to sing that song.


I've seen so many youtube videos taken down because a fitness channel used a song that they didn't have permission to use. I've even seen Let's Play videos where the commentators are trying to describe a song that they heard, start to sing it, and then immediately stop because they were scared they'd get their video taken down because of it.


Well, fear no more Youtube and TV people! Because Stephen Colbert has found a loophole to this problem! You use the same music of the song you want...but just sing public domain lyrics over it. Crisis averted.



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