Your mom works hard. It's time to give her a break and treat her right this Mother's Day!

Mom's are the best. They raise us. They deal with us. They care for us. All while dealing with their own lives! (Yeah, I know, mom's have lives that don't revolve around us. It's a strange concept I'm still getting used to.) And we'd like to show our appreciation by giving her a few days off.

You could win a 3 day/2 night stay in a chalet at the Kentucky Castle in Versailles, KY (breakfast included!) for the most special lady in your life (mom) with 103GBF.

She can bring the kids, or leave them at home, it's up to her! This getaway is ALL ABOUT MOM.

This getaway could be for ANY hardworking mom in your life! Your mom, your grandma, your sister, your cousin, your best friend. ALL MOMS DESERVE TO BE A QUEEN FOR A DAY, and they can be! Just listen to 103GBF weekdays for your chance to qualify to win this amazing trip and let that special mom in your life be a Queen for a Day!

Starting Monday, April 30th, we're going to be getting you qualified to win twice on-air every weekday! Once with Kat on middays, and once with Chynna in the afternoons.

Then, we'll draw a Mother's Day winner and see who gets to be a Queen for a Day!

Just keep listening to 103GBF for your next chance to qualify!

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