One thing you may not know about me, is besides rockin' out with you during weekday afternoons, I'm on a powerlifting team.  So when I'm not working, there's a fairly good chance I'm at the gym training with my strong friends!  In fact pictured above is me mid-training session (see! I really do go to the gym haha)!

But here lately I've found my normal workout playlist is getting old.  So I asked GBF listeners for help, and you answered! I took to the Facebook page to ask what your favorite workout tunes were and from what I gathered, here's the ultimate GBF listener workout playlist!

1) Slipknot-Nero Forte


2) Black Label Society- Bleed for Me

3) Gojira- Stranded

4) Judas Priest- You Got Another Thing Comin'

5) Rob  Zombie-Superbeast

6) Dragonforce-Through the Fire and the Flames

7) Rammstein- Sonne

8) Pantera- A new Level

9) Metallica- For Whom the Bell Tolls

10) Credle of Filth- Nymphetamine Fix 

11) Coheed & Cambria- Welcome Home

12) Godsmack- When Legends Rise

13) Motorhead- The Game

14) Pantera- Walk

15) Monster Truck- Don't Tell Me How to Live

16) Metallica- Enter Sandman

17) Killswitch Engage- The Signal Fire

18) Five Finger Death Punch- Jekyll & Hyde

19) I Prevail- Scars

20) Rob Zombie- Dragula

21) Korn- Cold

22) Egypt Central- White Rabbit

23) Breaking Benjamin- Red Cold River

24) Hammerfall- Last Man Standing

25) White Zombie- Thunder Kiss '65

So there you have it! The ultimate GBF listener workout playlist! So many good ones on here! What else would you add?

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