More times than not, Halloween decorations are designed to be scary and/or creepy to instill a sense of fear in those who dare look at them. Apparently, Martha, who resides at a home in Evansville, didn't get the memo.

Meet Martha the Skeleton

Martha isn't your typical skeleton. Well, with the exception of her outward appearance, obviously. In that respect, she is clearly 100% skeleton from the top of her skull to the tips of her boney toes. But other than that, her demeanor isn't what you would normally associate with skeletons you see on TV or in the movies. She's not looking to frighten anyone, nor is she looking to fulfill some sort of ancient bloodlust and inhabit the body of someone who is still very much alive. No, Martha is just here to have a good time and maybe create a little mischief every once in a while.

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The Evansville family behind Martha gave me permission to share some of her adventures with you but asked to remain anonymous. They said Martha made her first appearance at their house back in October 2018 as just your everyday skeleton decoration they picked up at the store. They sat her in a rocking chair on the front porch and things evolved from there. Now Martha finds herself living it up in all types of different ways, and has even been joined by some of her skeletal family members. For what it's worth, I did request an interview with Martha but was told she doesn't do interviews. So, she's also apparently a bit of a diva.

Martha the Skeleton is Living it Up with Her Evansville Family

Martha appears to be the kind of girl that's up for anything, and based on some of these pictures, isn't worried about the consequences of what might happen when she tries a particular activity. Of course, when you're already a skeleton, it's not like you have to worry about dying (again). Check out some of her adventures in the photos below.

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