Jill Osterhage has a real talent for capturing personalities on camera. She's using that talent to capture the life and love of those enduring hardship. And to show the beauty in the face of adversity to compel others to fight challenges with strength and grace. I started following her work, after seeing the photo shoot of Jennifer King and her family.

Jill was looking for families going through cancer, so she could gift them a photo session. I immediately nominated my brother's family. He and his wife, Kat have the sweetest little boy named Corbyn. Jill was able to capture some really amazing poses of Corbyn, showing his personality, so I had to share them with you!

It's amazing to look back and feel so thankful, that after 3 1/2 years of cancer treatments, Corbyn has now been cancer-free for a year! Yes, last year Corbyn received his cancer 'Diploma', a special cookie, an even more special Mickey Mouse medal, and he got to ring the Cancer Free bell.

"Those close to us know it's been a rough ride. From helicopter rides ambulance rides, car rides, months of staying at the hospital. Having his life saved more than once. Ever had a doctor tell you, I'm not sure your son will make it threw the night? We have, more than once. Well guess what cancer...bye!!!!" - Michael Hill

Little and Mighty: Pictures Say A Thousand Words About This Boy

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