We all remember our favorite movie as a child, right?  Many of those movies shape and mold us from a very young age.  There are just some movies every kid needs to watch.


Growing up I remember movies being a very special part of the time I spent with my momma.  We made it our thing and now that I have my own children we have continued the tradition.  As a mother, I have shared those special movies that meant something to me and helped teach the best lessons.

I can recall even in some of the hardest times of my life I could sit down and watch a good movie and it could change my thoughts and my mood.

Movies are so much more.


Now, these of course are in my opinion but I think you might agree with most of them.  They are coming to you in no particular order.


If you are at all an animal lover you can't make it through this movie with dry eyes.  A family goes out of town and has to leave their three furry friends with a friend of the family and the two dogs and cat thinks they have been abandoned.  The story tells of their journey to try and find their people.  This movie teaches loyalty and the love of an animal.


This movie is a classic.  Friends work together to save their town by proving there is buried treasure somewhere on the island they live on.  They get into a whole heap of trouble and have to figure their way out.  This movie teaches us about differences and working together for something we believe in.


Quite possibly my favorite of them all.  Charlotte's Web introduces us to Wilbur the runt pig that is sure to be slaughtered even after Fern (Farmer's Daughter) decides she wants him as a pet.  All of the other farm animals are too busy to associate with him but he befriends Charlotte (a beautiful writing spider) who proves to be the best friend he could ever have.  The story teaches us about friendship, kindness, determination, and not always judge a book by its cover.


I'm pretty sure this one is a rite of passage.  Every kid has to sit down at Christmas and take it all in.  It's probably one of the most classic and well-known movies ever.  I think this movie shows us that kids are resilient and parents aren't always perfect but we all still make it through.  It's just a great movie if nothing else do your kids a favor and let them watch it.


This is a movie I can sit down and watch over and over.  It always reminded me of myself growing up.  I moved around a lot.  I had to make new friends and summer was the time to play outside from sun up to sundown.

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