It never fails. The girlfriend wants to get food and a hour long discussion breaks out over where to go. If only there was a reliable resource to get reviews of local restaurants.

Well look no further than Facebook. Tri-State Restaurant Reviews is a group, 12,000 members strong, where people post their reviews of local restaurants. For the most part, it has been a pretty reliable resource to learning about new restaurants. However, there are a few complaints posts (it is Facebook).

For instance (and I'll keep this as vague as possible to protect the innocent), a complaint about a local place to bring back an all-you-can-eat bar. Or a local breakfast place being out of a breakfast item, in the middle of the afternoon.

Beyond those few things, the reviews are pretty reliable. You can also leave your own reviews, and a picture of your food (if you can handle being known as 'dude who photographs food'). There are a few rules for posting and the admins are pretty good about cleaning up some of the rants.

So check it out and learn about all the restaurants this area has to offer. At the very least it will cut down on that "Where do you want to eat" conversation.