If you have leaves that you're bagging you can drop them off with Evansville's Seton Harvest to be used on the farm.

Shawn & I have spent the last 3 years in a Jagoe subdivision. And while the house and neighborhood were both very nice, there were not a lot of mature trees because like most neighborhoods of that type, they were all removed and the ground leveled before construction began. We just recently (last weekend!) moved into our new home - a little bungalow that was built in 1955. With the new home comes 2 mature maple trees in the front yard and a colossal oak tree in the backyard that if it is not over 100 years old, I'd be shocked. It is a BIG one! Then there are the large trees in the backyards of both of my neighbors. Needless to say our rake & leaf blower are going to get a workout this fall but since we haven't had to deal with leaf cleanup, we were stumped on what to do with them all. There is already a good solid several inches of leaves in our backyard and the big ol' oak hasn't even shed half of her leaves yet!

While I know that I can bag the leaves and tag them for pickup with my trash, the idea of shipping off organic material to take up space in a landfill isn't exactly appealing either. When I saw today that Evansville's Seton Harvest was accepting bagged leaves to use on their farm, I was incredibly excited! Turns out, Seton Harvest uses the leaves as mulch to help winterize their crops. If you have leaves you'd like to donate to Seton Harvest, you can drop them off " in the grass in the parking lot or drive them around to the compost!!"

If you're unfamiliar with Seton Harvest, they are a wonderful local initiative that helps to feed those in need in our community. From their website,

Seton Harvest is a community-supported agriculture initiative sponsored by the Daughters of Charity Province of St. Louise. The certified Naturally Grown farm uses the land in a just and environmentally conscious way by sharing locally grown food with shareholders and persons who are financially poor and hungry in our community.

To learn more about Seton Harvest, including how to join the waitlist to become a shareholder in 2021, visit SetonHarvest.org.

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